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Assault charges can arise in a split second and can have lifelong consequences. We work hard to ensure a single moment doesn’t define your life.

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Assault Charges

Assault is the application of physical force to someone without that person’s consent.

Assault cases, however, are rarely as simple as the definition suggests. Assault includes threatening or attempting to apply force without consent, and charges are often laid even when there is an element of consent or self-defence. Because of the wide range of conduct that falls into the definition of assault, the penalty can vary significantly.

Some assault cases result in an absolute or conditional discharge, which would not create a criminal record. More serious instances of assault can result in lengthy jail sentences.

Some of the factors that impact the severity of an assault charge are whether a weapon was used and any injuries that were caused.

Types of Assault Offences, Explained by London Assault Lawyers

There are several types of assault charges in the Criminal Code:


  • Simple Assault: These allegations often involve complaints of pushing, shoving, or punching that results in little to no injury.
  • Assault with a weapon: Any object can be considered a weapon. We have defended people charged with using a range of objects as weapons including knives, firearms, or other household items.
  • Assault causing bodily harm: This charge is laid when an allegation is made of an assault that results in injuries such as cuts, bruising, and broken bones or teeth.
  • Aggravated assault: This is the most serious form of assault and is charged when an allegation is made of an assault that results in wounding, maiming or endangering the life of another person. Aggravated assault charges generally come from allegations involving stabbings, shootings, or cases where an individual is accused of causing severe head injuries.

Physical Force As Defence

You are allowed to use physical force against someone else to defend yourself or your property from an immediate threat of harm, if the force used is within reason.

Physical force can also be used if you are trying to protect someone else from immediate threats of harm. It is also lawful in Canada for people to engage in a consensual fight.

Unfortunately once a physical altercation is over, accusers, who are often the original aggressors, will continue the conflict by reporting it to police. It is frequently the case that because of anger, embarrassment, or intoxication, complainants will make inaccurate, exaggerated, or sometimes completely false statements to police resulting in charges being laid against you.

London Assault Lawyers can Clear Your Name

Our clients are often people like you who have lived their entire lives without causing any harm or trouble in any context. You get caught in a volatile situation and are forced to react quickly, and as a result you are arrested after defending yourself against violence. Now you have to defend yourself against criminal charges.

Assault cases of all forms frequently result in trials with competing versions of events between you and someone making allegations against you. Our London assault lawyers embrace these trials as an opportunity to work with you when you are facing assault allegations, giving you the opportunity to clarify the truth and clear your name.

About Snow Lawyers Professional Corporation

We are trial lawyers. We work late nights and we bring complicated applications to challenge prosecutions.

When we are in trial, it consumes us—we are single-minded in our pursuit of success and protecting you against the immense power of the government.

We protect your privacy, your family, your freedom, and your livelihood. We protect you from prosecutions that can be driven by political objectives, not the pursuit of justice.

We protect you from dishonest police and civilian witnesses, and illegal police conduct.

How much will my case cost?

The cost of each case depends on the nature and complexity of the charges you are facing. The cost of your defence will also depend on if you have a trial or resolve the case in another manner, and the experience level of your lawyer.

Do you charge by the hour or offer flat rate fees?

At Snow Lawyers we charge a flat fee for each stage of your proceedings. This offers a high degree of certainty when you are planning to pay for your defence, and ensures there are no surprises. We also feel it is important you don’t worry your lawyer is going to charge you for every second when you need to communicate important information about your case.

Do you offer payment plans?

We understand that being charged with a criminal offence is an unexpected and unpleasant surprise. If you are not able to pay for your defence all at once, we will work with you to structure a payment plan that allows you to make payments over time.

What makes us different

Honesty & Professionalism

We defend you with integrity. This not only benefits you, but ensures we are taken seriously among prosecutors, juries, and courts.

Our cases are not about boosting our egos or self-promotion. We make sure to tell you the tough truth; even if it isn’t what you want to hear. We resolve cases discreetly, so you can work towards resuming a normal life.


Don’t mistake professionalism for being a pushover. The Canadian justice system is an adversarial one. We are not afraid to take hard or unpopular positions in order to defend what is just and right.


We deliver honest, straightforward legal advice. No matter the complexity of your situation, we are loyal to your rights and you, as a person. Each defence is tailored to your unique circumstances, and we advise you on how best to proceed.

Hard Work & Smart Work

There is rarely an easy solution to your problem; that’s why we are committed to putting in the time and resources necessary to accomplish the right/just result. We keep up on all developments in the law. By actively engaging in professional associations and conducting regular independent research, we know the newest and best ways to approach each case.

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